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Thread: Scout age

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    Scout age

    Can a cub come upto to Scouts before they are 10.5. indicates a young person can come into the troop at 10....does this mean as long as they are 10 years old they may move upto scouts if they wish or do they have to wait until they are 10.5. Usually i wait for them to be 10.5 but one young person wants to come up at the same time as his friend who is already 10.5

    any idea!!!

    many thanks

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    Much as I hate quoting POR
    Rule 3.8 h
    The core age range of the Cub Scout Pack is from 8 years to 10½ years. A young person may remain in the Pack until their 11th birthday
    Rule 3.9 h
    The core age range of the Scout Troop is from 10½ years to 14 years. A young person may join at 10 years and remain until 15 years
    So you could keep the older Cub in the pack longer or let the younger Cub go up earlier it is up to you and the Cub Leader to decide what is best for the Kids in question
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    It is best to look at the individual.

    Speak to the Cub Leader to find out whether the person is ready to move up. Some 10 yr olds are ready to move up to Scouts, and others are not ready at 10 1/2. The Cub Leaders are usually very good at telling when they are ready.

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    I had a Cub who had just turned 10, but was starting to be a bit of a bully to the younger Cubs, whatever we tried, he wasn't really bothered. So we sent him up to Scouts, where he would be bottom of the pile so to speak and it worked a treat. We also currently have a Cub who has learning difficulties and very low confidence levels and currently 10.5, but he has said he would go to scouts if he could go up with a friend who is six months youger. So rather than loose him and force him up up to Scouts we're all happy to let him stay until his friend is 10.5. Its all about your local circumstances and the needs of each child. Common sense should always prevail.

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    There are lots of factors to take into consideration,

    as a Cub Leader I have a pretty good idea of when a Cub is ready to move into Scouts.

    Then you have to take into consideration spaces in the Troop
    Also it is sometimes a good idea to get cubs to move up to scouts in a friendship group so they are not all alone with the Scouts

    I currently have to make a decision with 2 of my Cubs.

    1 is not 10 until April but has almost finished his Chief Scouts Silver Award and is ready for Scouts now.

    The other will be 11 in November and is best friends with the other Cub.

    I could send both of them to Scouts together in May, but there is a competition in September that I would like both of them to take part in.

    What I plan to do is to discuss moving to Scouts with both of them in April and they can decide if they want to stay in Cubs for the competition in September, or if they want to start Scouts sooner.

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    As a leader i will accept any person from 10 upwards if it is in the childs best intrest i think move on when they feel its best for them some may want to wait for others and move as a group i try and attened meetings with our cubs at least once a month that way the children get used to a scout leader and do not feel intimadated or frightend of me

    taken from POR

    Age Range, Uniform and Programme
    The core age range of the Scout Troop is from 10½ years to 14 years. A young person may join at 10 years and remain until 15 years (see also Rule 3.11b).

    Rule 3.11: Section Flexibility
    Integrated Sections

    An Integrated Section may consist of Beaver Scouts and/or Cub Scouts and/or Scouts, who work together as one Section.

    Note: an integrated Beaver Scout / Cub Scout section should not meet for more than two hours.

    An Integrated Section may only be established with the prior approval of the District Commissioner.

    Members of Integrated Sections take part in a Balanced Programme, make the Promise and wear the uniform appropriate to their Sectional age group.

    The operation of Integrated Sections must follow the guidelines available from the Scout Information Centre.

    Flexibility for Individual Members

    When necessary, due to a young person's special needs, the District Commissioner may, on the recommendation of the Assistant County Commissioner (Special Needs) or County Adviser, permit a young person to be in a Section outside of the normal age range. This permission should be logged on a simple form and be subject to annual review.

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    As everybody has said its down to whats best for the individuals concerned, in any moving up situation.
    As a scout leader we have a lot of people moving into the area who've been living overseas. Some have not had the opportunity to be cubs. If they are at least 10 Im happy to take them direct into scouts. I would say come for a trial, but if you have school friends in cubs and would prefer to go there for a while thats fine too. In that case they can buy a scout uniform rather then a cub one which they only need for 3 months. In the past some have been happy to start in scouts and some have preferred cubs for a while.

    Our cubs do have a waiting list but are usually willing to make an exception in this sort of situation where a child will be moving before long.

    What does worry me is when people make arbitary rules in a group, like' on your 14 birthday' you move to explorers. Even if its in the middle of a camp or whatever.. Apparently this still happens despite the flexibility built into POR

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    Cubs to Scouts in our group it's based on what the CSL, the cub, and the parents think is the right time between 10 and 11. In my opinion it should be based on individuals as most people here have said.

    For scouts -> explorers our only district ESU only accepts new members after easter and after the summer, so offers little flexibility.

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