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  1. Read This Before Using This For Sale / Wanted Forum
  2. [Sold] 20 Adult Scout Neckers
  3. [Sold] Mess Tent - For Sale
  4. [Wanted] WANTED - Cub Jumper
  5. [For Sale] Neckers for sale - make an offer
  6. [For Sale] Badges and wrist bands
  7. [Sold] Join-In-Centenary Badges
  8. [Wanted] WANTED: Camping Equipment - Dorset to Oxford
  9. [Wanted] Sea Scout Group looking for Boats
  10. [Wanted] WANTED - Camping Equipement SCOTLAND
  11. [For Sale] For sale - Cabanon Andorra
  12. [Swap] Scout Activity badge swap
  13. [Wanted] Wanted: Camping Equipment - South West
  14. [For Sale] Canoes & trailer For sale
  15. [For Sale] Limited Edition Hand Painted Smuggler 08 Woggles
  16. [For Sale] Neckers: Royal with Orange trim
  17. [For Sale] Neckers: Popcorn wiith Lemon Trim
  18. [For Sale] Record Cards - pre-2008
  19. [For Sale] Section Resources - pre-2008 editions
  20. [For Sale] Neckers: Royal with White trim
  21. [Sold] Neckers: Purple with Gold Trim
  22. [For Sale] Neckers: Orange with French Navy Trim
  23. [No Longer Wanted] Old Chief Scout's Award Badge
  24. [Wanted] Any Neckers to donate?
  25. [For Sale] Patrol Badges for 10p
  26. [Wanted] International Friendship Partnership Award
  27. [Sold] Adult necckers in Gold
  28. [Wanted] Old style Beaver one year badge
  29. [Wanted] Canoe Trailer
  30. [Wanted] Any campsite badges
  31. [Wanted] Light weight dining shelter
  32. [No Longer Wanted] Old Scouting Magazines
  33. [Sold] Big Gig Tickets
  34. [For Sale] IT stage 1 & 2
  35. [Sold] Offered free -recently discontinued badges
  36. [Sold] Going free - recently discontinued year badges
  37. [Wanted] Old APL Badge
  38. [No Longer Wanted] Old Queens Scout badge.
  39. Please read first
  40. PA System and Radio Mics
  41. Grass Sledging Activity
  42. PA System, Lights etc Huddersfield. Wakefield, Barnsley Area
  43. [Wanted] 90th Anniversary Cub Badge
  44. Going Free - old style year badges
  45. [Wanted] Old Canvas
  46. [Wanted] Old Brown Scout Tents WANTED !!!
  47. [For Sale] Neckers 4 Sale - Scarlet/Scout Green
  48. Catamaran - free to a good home but needs some refurbishing !
  49. [For Sale] Scarves/Kneckers? Emerald with Scarlet border
  50. [Sold] 2 lots of neckers
  51. [Wanted] White Mess Tent
  52. [For Sale] Black neckers with orange trim
  53. Going Free Three Family Railcards
  54. [For Sale] Badges
  55. [Wanted] Bell Ringing Badge
  56. [Wanted] Flag bag and leather carry strap/holder
  57. [Wanted] Scout Neckers Royal/Orange border
  58. [Wanted] Any unwanted camping equipment
  59. Stage
  60. [Wanted] Old Beaver Sleepover Training Module package
  61. [Wanted] International Friendship Badge
  62. [No Longer Wanted] IT Stage 1 badge
  63. [Wanted] Trek Cart
  64. [Wanted] Football kit for Cubs
  65. [Sold] Scout Shirt XXL
  66. [For Sale] 44th Medway Towns 80th Anniversary Badge
  67. [For Sale] Race For Life Scarves
  68. [Wanted] Roof Rack (Glasgow Area)
  69. [Wanted] badges
  70. [No Longer Wanted] Old Chief Scouts Award Badge (Early 1980's)
  71. [No Longer Wanted] Old Cub Adventure Badges
  72. [Sold] Cabanon Andorra
  73. [Wanted] A couple of coffee tables for Gilwell 24
  74. [Swapped] Badge Swap
  75. Minibus for hire
  76. [For Sale] Scouting and Guiding Items
  77. [For Sale] Badges c. 1970
  78. [Swap] Badge Swap
  79. [Wanted] International Slavery Team Badge
  80. [Wanted] Scarves
  81. [For Sale] 5 vango force tens
  82. [Wanted] Copy of "The Black Report" & "Advance Party Report"
  83. [For Sale] Hillberg AKTO 2 Man Hill Tent
  84. [Wanted] Participation 8 badge
  85. [Wanted] Patrol Activity Woggle
  86. [Wanted] Andorra 6 poles only
  87. [Wanted] Cub Sweatshirt/Jumper age 8yrs
  88. Hat Plumes
  89. [Wanted] Old Beaver & Cub Badge
  90. [Wanted] London district or similar badge
  91. [Wanted] Cubs badges from 71 - 74 ish
  92. [For Sale] Cub Badges
  93. [Wanted] Wanted Caring Challenge Badge
  94. [For Sale] Cub adventure badge
  95. [Wanted] Cubs badges circa 1970
  96. [Wanted] Desperately looking for Venture Scout badges
  97. [Wanted] Hiking Tents {Lightweight}
  98. [Wanted] old style year badge
  99. [Wanted] JOTA/JOTI Badges
  100. [Wanted] Someone to embroider rope design on scarf
  101. [Wanted] Camp Blanket Badges from North Yorkshire Please
  102. [Wanted] Engoyama
  103. [Swap] 21 WSJ UK Pavillion Badge
  104. [Wanted] Looking for a pen-pal
  105. [For Sale] Adult Mens Smart Trousers - Size 38
  106. [For Sale] Garmin eTrex H GPS Unit
  107. [Wanted] box trailer
  108. [Wanted] 20ft Storage Container
  109. [Wanted] Kitchen Equipment
  110. [Wanted] 10ft Shipping Container
  111. [For Sale] Brand New Unused Mess Tent
  112. Minibus in South East London
  113. Mini Bus in North London
  114. [For Sale] MSR Dragon Fly Stove.
  115. [Wanted] White Canvas ridge tent
  116. [Wanted] Kayak Trailer
  117. [Wanted] Dining Shelters / Force 10's / Patrol Tents / Kitchen
  118. [No Longer Wanted] Plain Scarlet Necker
  119. [For Sale] 10x Adult Purple plain scarves
  120. [For Sale] Lots and lots and lots of Scout Books
  121. [Swap] Chitty Chitty Bang Bang badges
  122. [No Longer Wanted] Scouting bumper sticker/Window sticker
  123. [Wanted] Mini Bus sticker
  124. The Belmont Mounted Scouts
  125. [Wanted] Blue Patrol Tent
  126. St. Georges Day (Windsor Castle)
  127. [Wanted] Outwell Twin Falls inner
  128. [For Sale] Plate bags - personalised, including contents!
  129. [Wanted] Group Neckers & Badges
  130. [For Sale] Campfire CDs
  131. [For Sale] Scout Berets
  132. [Wanted] Lemon & blue scarf
  133. [For Sale] Stormhaven Patrol Tent
  134. [Wanted] URGENT east devon explorer scarf
  135. [For Sale] 1929 World Jamboree Official Programme & Guide
  136. [Wanted] Wanted "Buddy" Badge
  137. [Pick Up] 2 Snooker Tables
  138. [For Sale] Cub & Scout Annuals for sale.
  139. [Wanted] Milbank bag
  140. [For Sale] Grove Scout Group 30th Anniversary badges
  141. [Wanted] Mess tent repair
  142. [P+P Only] Hand embroidered neckerchief.
  143. Developing scouting memorabilia collection
  144. [For Sale] 22nd WSJ badge - Cleveland Crusaders
  145. Cubs Buddy badge
  146. [Wanted] Any Unwanted Scouting Badges for Jamboree Funds
  147. Old Cub Scout Annuals for Sale
  148. [For Sale] Neckers cheap
  149. [Wanted] Scout Magazines (Maybe)
  150. [For Sale] Centenary badge set of 4
  151. For Sale : Female leaders uniform
  152. [Wanted] Towbar
  153. [For Sale] Scout Boooks on eBay.
  154. [Sold] Scouts Annuals. Free to a good home.
  155. [For Sale] Helping Hands for Haiti Badges!
  156. [P+P Only] Woggles 8x Green
  157. [For Sale] Gopak round fold away tables x5
  158. [P+P Only] Birmingham Maps
  159. [For Sale] One World One Beat Badges
  160. [Wanted] Any spare neckers
  161. [Wanted] needed red triangle badges
  162. [For Sale] 22nd world scout jamboree badge Notts
  163. [Swap] or just Wanted! Sheffield Sheaf district badge
  164. [Wanted] Master Seaman Badge
  165. Hire Me
  166. [Wanted] Old Badges
  167. [For Sale] BUTANE Gas regulators and adaptors all shapes and sizes
  168. [For Sale] Pop Up Cow Print Tent
  169. [For Sale] Humberside Unit Jamboree badges
  170. [Wanted] Camp recipes wanted
  171. [Wanted] Outdoor Award Platinum 1 Badge (Obsolete)
  172. [For Sale] Geocaching - Scout Logo Trackable Coin
  173. [Wanted] Fleece poncho with hood for camp blanket
  174. [Wanted] Explorer to Network moving on badge
  175. [For Sale] Would you buy a Gilwell Oak?
  176. [Wanted] Obsolete cub scout physical recreation/ sports enthusiast badge
  177. [P+P Only] Old badges to good home
  178. [For Sale] HP363 inkjet cartridges
  179. [Wanted] Any unwanted camping equipment
  180. [For Sale] Neckers - Green & Lemon - Bought in Error
  181. [For Sale] Barn dance/Ceilidh
  182. [Wanted] Orange necker
  183. [For Sale] Borax (for making slime!)
  184. [For Sale] Lets Pretend - A beaver scout resource
  185. [Sold] Scout Camping Kit
  186. [Wanted] old red triangle or past badges
  187. [Wanted] Help - Woggles
  188. [For Sale] Cub Scout 90 Years North East Badge
  189. [Wanted] any unwanted badge
  190. [For Sale] World Scout Jamboree Badges!!
  191. [For Sale] Garmin Oregon 450 gps with full OS maps of UK
  192. [Wanted] unwanted badged
  193. [For Sale] IT badges stages 1+2
  194. [Wanted] Ladies leader shirt size small
  195. [For Sale] Cornwall 22nd WSJ badge
  196. [For Sale] Necker clear out
  197. [For Sale] Beaver clearance stock
  198. [For Sale] Cub clearance stock
  199. [For Sale] Scout clearance stock
  200. [For Sale] explorer clearance stock
  201. [For Sale] Clearance of pre 2001 uniform stocks everything £2 each
  202. [For Sale] 2x pyranha master mk 1 (plastic) kayaks
  203. [For Sale] left handed kayak paddle £5 ono
  204. [For Sale] Official programme from Arrowe Park JAMBOREE 1929
  205. [Wanted] Old Scout Proficiency badges
  206. [Wanted] A Double Bed!
  207. [Wanted] printer
  208. [Wanted] 19th World Jamboree & 22nd World Jamboree Badges
  209. [Wanted] 22nd World Jamboree badges
  210. [For Sale] West Yorkshire "AYE UP TYKES" contingent badges
  211. [Wanted] Any unwanted camping equipment
  212. [Wanted] Scout county/district badges n group badges
  213. [Wanted] Lightweight Dining Shelters
  214. [For Sale] Kent Contingent 22nd World Scout Jamboree Badge
  215. [For Sale] DofE record book packs
  216. [Wanted] Beret badges
  217. [For Sale] Navy Neckers White Border (10)
  218. [Wanted] Warley district scout badge
  219. [For Sale] 1st Hartburn Sea Scouts 90th Birthday Badge
  220. [No Longer Wanted] Northumberland Challenge 08
  221. [For Sale] Various Boats
  222. [For Sale] Water Ski and Normal Skis
  223. [For Sale] 2 Bic Water Surfing Kits
  224. [For Sale] 2 lots of thick rope
  225. TT Mountain Course Centenary Badge
  226. Green Canvas Icelandic tents for sale
  227. [For Sale] Royal blue with sky blue border neckers
  228. [Wanted] Buying dining shelters
  229. Camp Blanket Badge for Tsunami Aid
  230. [For Sale] Join in Centenary badges
  231. [For Sale] Grove Scout Group badges
  232. [Wanted] Archery equipment for 6 - 14 year olds
  233. [For Sale] Beaver and Cub Badge MIX
  234. It equipment for scouting!!!
  235. Scouting in Uganda Badges - help provide scout activities for over 100 children :)
  236. [Wanted] Kayak's
  237. [Wanted] Badges
  238. minibus hire Wales
  239. [Wanted] Greater London Central County Badge
  240. WSJ 2011 - East Midlands IST badges for sale
  241. Wanted
  242. [Wanted] Camping Barn or Scout Hut
  243. just seen this on ebay... big tent near wisbech
  244. [No Longer Wanted] Mess Tent
  245. [For Sale] Cub Scout Jumper with double Bath & Avon County badge
  246. [P+P Only] Scouting Supplements 1978-1983
  247. [P+P Only] 28" Bukta Scout Belt
  248. [Sold] Cub & Scout Books
  249. [P+P Only] Adult mens trousers
  250. [Wanted] Houghton - le - Spring District Badge