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  1. Do you like this new Escouts Homepage
  2. Is okay for the SA to put advertising on factsheets from Scoutbase?
  3. Does your Scout Group do gift aid?
  4. What do you think of the FREE Scouting Magazine
  5. Is the Scout Association right to sell the Outdoor Shops?
  6. How many Christmas Mince Pies will you eat this Christmas?
  7. Is the Scout Association right to force all groups to accept girls from 2007
  8. Adult Recruitment
  9. Links Database
  10. Do you feel you are supported well by your Group Scout Leader?
  11. Do you feel you are getting effective support from your District?
  12. How does you district communicate with the members?
  13. Special Needs Scouting
  14. How long do you spend updating/creating your Scouting website?
  15. POLL - Are you ready for 2007??
  16. Join In Centenary Packs - What do you think?
  17. Are your District keeping you well informed about 2007
  18. If we get made a piece of Escouts mechandise what would you buy?
  19. Which Centenary Camp are you going to?
  20. ESCOUTS Wristbands
  21. Very Quick Poll: Badge Design
  22. Necker or Scarf
  23. How Was Sunrise for You?
  24. Uniform in Scouting
  25. Poll: Programme Changes
  26. Tagline / Slogan Poll
  27. Should Athiests Be Allowed to Be Leaders?
  28. Is the KidsOutdoors campaign a good idea???
  29. Where are you from
  30. Should Scout Shops (www.scoutshops.com) sell ALL badges, direct to leaders?
  31. What TYPE of scouts!
  32. When does your Section(s) Meet?
  33. Scouting in the family
  34. Scouting Magazine (Youth Edition Dec 2008/Jan 2009)
  35. Poll: What is your single biggest issue delivering and maintaining a full programme
  36. Do you think Bear Grylls was a good choice of Chief Scout?
  37. What Section(s) do you Lead, Support or are a member of?
  38. Subs How Much do you charge ?
  39. POLL: Badge Design
  40. POLL: Main Badge Colour
  41. POLL:Do you think the your Group / Unit will be able to upload its Youth Data in time