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08-03-2003, 02:21 PM
Here is an idea for a Troop/Unit Challenge. There are not too many details, which will allow leaders to use their creative processes to embellish the idea:

To Be Copied and Issued to Patrol Leaders

The Fuel Problem

Your patrol is asked to provide a method of delivering three Uranium fuel pellets (marbles) from a store held at a height equal to that of the table, to the reactor one metre away. Once the pellets have been dispatched from the store, it is unsafe for them to be touched by human hands.

It is important that the pellets arrive at the reactor exactly two minutes after they leave the store. Extra points will be awarded for a delay between each pellet.
Each patrol has been issued with the same equipment.
You may attach your mechanism to the reactor and the store.
No materials other than those issued can be used.
The time allowed is 25 minutes, plus five minutes to set up apparatus before testing. After this time, you may not interfere with your apparatus

We used things like newspaper, card, canes etc... but you could use whatever came to hand.

We allocated points on a range of criteria, and included it in our inter patrol system.

Taken from www.thebloors.co.uk/scouts