View Full Version : Aircraft Marshalling/General Stewards - Help Required !!

Chris Shaw
05-07-2003, 08:51 PM
Dear Scout Leaders / Air Scout Leaders / Explorer Scout Leaders

I have just been requested at a VERY late stage, if there would be any Scouts / Air Scouts / Explorer Scouts / Network Scout members who would like to join in with members of the Air Training Corps, in providing Aircraft Marshallers, Aircraft Security, Safety Stewards etc. over the next coming weekend at the Popular Flying Association (PFA) Rally, being held at Kemble Airfield.

Public details of the event can be found here - http://www.pfa-rally.com/

Minimum Age 12.5. A wide variety of tasks will be allocated to Scout/Explorer/Network teams based on age groupings, together with the ATC. (the two organisations shall be working jointly together). For those of you who have assisted at places like North Weald, Popham, RAF Fairford, RAF Cosford, Biggin Hill etc., you will know that there are many tasks to do for such an event and is a great buzz for all the participants.

Training and Safety Briefings will be held for participants - and if possible we would like any teams that could come from the Thursday onwards (means a day of school for the younger ones). Food will be provided all weekend.

If you are interested, I will send you immediatly ALL the briefing papers/kitlist that I have been provided so that you will know as much as I do!

Due to the short notice there are not many obstacles (apart from minimum age) that are being put in place. Just let us know ASAP if you want to bring any Scouts / Air Scouts / Explorers etc. No Cost, Food provided.


Chris Shaw
Wiltshire Scouts Air Activities Advisor
E-Mail: [email protected]