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03-11-2003, 09:37 AM
Fundraising seems to be the ever impounding nail in the coffin for most (all?) Scout Groups /Units in the country. I'm sure there has been a factsheet made by SBUK, but is there any good, no, GREAT fundraising initiatives YOU have tried. Forget jumble sales, something that motivates and gets a great income. Although Scouts is a charity, you have to run it like a business to stay on top.


04-11-2003, 09:58 AM
We ran a duck race
1000 plastic ducks with numbers on the bottom sold at a 1 pound each
with prizes of 200,100, 50 - we sold the lot
They are very easy to sell

Plus in the past - at a big event with loads of people

- Guess how many people the 6 Scouts are going to shake hands with today - 50p a go
You almost always get a sale after shaking hands

BUT the most money we made in a 1 hour period was a cake stall at the County Venture Scout event (Ok cake stall was not the right word - perhaps hit squad was better)
The deal was if you paid the hit squad money they would custard pie a target of your choice.
but the twist was we would go to the target and say 'we have been offered #.## to perform a hit on you if you want to pay the same or more we will go away - 150 quid in 1 hour