View Full Version : Who runs your website?

13-11-2003, 11:01 AM
Hey, I was just wondering about how all you other people run your website. At the moment ours is created by me, and maintained almost entirely by me (the leader...or something like that I am [yoda speak?]), but I would very much like to involve the young people. I currently only have the explorers website, but I am also involved with Scouts and Cubs in a group, so the idea of a website for them is not out of the question (if we can find a good reason for one).

So, does anyone have any ideas on what things that the young people could/should do to help?

And, who runs yours?

13-11-2003, 11:37 AM
err depends on the class of explorer scout

Sensible ones - Let them run an area - either uploading directly perhaps using a template or even and area of the site as form that they could post articles/upload pictures.

The others the ones you could not trust not to post porn on the site send them and HTML template to fill in and upload to your site (After checking it very carefull for javascript/ pictures on remote servers that may change)


13-11-2003, 04:55 PM

surely you know the people in your explorer group so it wouldnt be too hard for you to judge who's sensible enough to have access to things. In any case if they do anything silly you can just remove their rights. The way we work it is that people sign up for an account and say what rights they want, then on a case by case basis someone goes in manually and sets what rights they see fit.

as you know, i run most of our site, but recently more people have become involved with keeping it up to date (or not as the case may be) by posting news and programme entries etc. Also we now have 2 of us on the admin for the site and the other person also has our Cpanel login so they can do the email forwarders etc. I dont really know what i class as now, i suppose its technically Network, but realistically im an Explorer as thats where we all go back to when not at uni - in which case its a 'self run' site by explorers for explorers.