View Full Version : Theme Park Camp

29-04-2004, 10:22 AM

Open to all Explorer and Network members. Last year, over 270 people came to this camp in Surrey, and this year we're aiming to be bigger and better!

Spend all day Saturday at Thorpe Park, riding Collosus, Nemesis:Inferno, Tidal Wave, and all the other great rides. Friday and Saturday nights, we'll keep you entertained with discos, fancy dress, karaoke, giant party games, and anything else we can think of/afford.

How much for all of this? Just £32, which is only £5 more than Thorpe Park charge for a standard over 12 ticket, and for that you get a whole weekend camp! All you need to do is get there and feed yourselves.

When? Oh yes, 10-12th September 2004, but numbers are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Visit the website (http://www.summitnetwork.org.uk/subsites/themeparkcamp/index.asp) to find out more, get a booking form, etc etc.

So, I'll see you kn September yes?