View Full Version : What kind of person do you hope to see as your successsor?

16-10-2008, 06:45 PM
Hi Peter,

What kind of Person would you like to see as your successor? Someone Media Savvy like yourself to continue your fantasic work rasising the profile, or someone from the traditional scouting line?
PS will you continue in the movement anywhere... I could do with a Scout leader at the moment if your interested.

Yours in Scouting

Luke Lawrence
Group Scout Leader
Chilvers Coton Scout Group

[email protected]://www.cotonscouts.org.uk/ (http://www.cotonscouts.org.uk/)

Peter Duncan
12-11-2008, 08:48 PM
Well it is a bit of a crossroads moment, what I say may have some influence
but the choice remains with a small group of people and they have to judge
what the majority (if we are talking democracy here) want. You have to challenge orthodoxy because people are frightened of change and giving up the positions they have. Any observation of the USA elections show that a leader
supported and chosen by the people has real momentum. It is no secret that
I think the best course is to choose someone who would reflect the spirit the the 100,000 or so volunteers. So media savvy with compassion!