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19-10-2008, 07:51 AM
Dear Peter

Welcome back to :escouts: !

In recent weeks, the issue of uniform has been keenly debated on this board. Central to discussion have been:

1. quality - poor shoddy quality

2. Cost - can all families afford the uniform?

3. Fit - generally accepted that uniforms for female Scouts (YPs and Leaders) are poorly designed, have made no concessions to the female form and are unattractive and uncomfortable. This especially true for those who are "voluptuous"...

4. is it time to ditch the uniform or revamp? The hottest topic of all, some say yay, some say nay.

so....I wondered if you could give us your views on Scout uniform, and the issues above?

Many thanks!

Peter Duncan
14-11-2008, 04:20 PM
An experienced scouter told me if the scout association ditched uniform about 30% of volunteers would leave while the other 70% would be pleased on both counts.

I know that Canada tried it wholesale and it didn't work.

All the points you make are true and you should know as you are on the front line, so a revamp please, if only to get rid of those smelly light brown shirts.

My own view is that the uniform should be worn by anyone who wants to wear it but less disdain displayed to those who are more casual.

When the likes of Boris J wishes to dump all undesirables into the scouts
he seems to imagine a militaristic system where those with more bells and whistles on their uniform can tell others what to do. This of course is not what scouting is about. But when we are heaped together with other uniformed institutions it hard to shift that expectation.

As to cost I know that the profits go back into the organistion.

When I wear my uniform (as I do proudly, without hiding it) I am the recipient of laughter, jokes, admiration, curiosity, mockery, reverence, pride
and of course misconception. There lies the problem.