View Full Version : The Brownsea Centenary celebrations

19-10-2008, 06:30 PM
Hi Peter and thanks for swinging by again.:thup:

As I was lucky enough to be staying in Brownsea Castle for the sunrise celebrations I'd like to ask you about your experiences etc of that day when you came over.

I got up at 04.30 to see the sunrise in and met you off the boat, you seemed calm but were you nervous? Did you see the island beforehand or was the day your first sight of the excellent centenary setup? Did you have any input into the actual 8.00 proceedings? Did you manage to see the island afterwards? Did you have the Kudu horn from the archives in your living room before you left?(!) etc, etc...

Many thanks.:beer:

Austin (Mang)

Peter Duncan
18-11-2008, 09:21 PM
Not one of my best days as I lost the plot during the international promise, rather ironic as I spent quite a lot of time telling others it would all be OK on the night. There was such a lot of positive energy, Live tv links, all those nationalities, a real human experience. It was capped for me by a helicopter ride to get me back to my opening performance of Fantastic Mr Fox at Regents Park Theatre, but I was so exhausted I feel asleep on the way.