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31-03-2003, 01:02 PM
Not really a scouting device but this helps building websites, especially with php pages and changing phpBB themes

Basically sets up a local server (local only without changing the settings so safe) so you can edit the files and test them without having to upload the files until you are ready.

The one I use is called phpdev and can be found on the link below: -

(This is a windows version of Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl already set up for windows systems)


31-03-2003, 04:27 PM
another alternative is PHP Triad which i used to use (much the same sort of bundle)

can i just add that whilst getting everything working well can be a really big pain in the ****, it is well worth it and essential to working with PHP properly IMO.

Also this seems like a good pack in that it has all the standard versions which Escouts (and most other places use) with the exception of being on Windows not Unix, so should give maximum compatibility.