We are now pleased to announce the Escouts Awards are back, and back with style!

Award Application
Please go to http://www.escouts.org.uk/forum/form.php to apply for an Escouts Award.

With a revised setup of the team along with a brand new platinum award and revised processing system we, the Escouts Awards Team, believe a successful future lies ahead for the awards within the ever growing community of Escouts.

Our aim is to process as many award applications as possible and as fast as possible.

Before I go on, I would just like to thank Richard, the rest of the Escouts team, and all the Escouts Awards team for the hard work over the last couple of weeks. While you, the members, were oblivious to the idea of the awards restarting, we have all been working very hard to hit todays deadline of opening. Well done!

Previous Winners
Could all previous winners of an Escouts Award see this post.

General Awards Comments
All comments or the alike should be posted in the Escouts Awards Forum

With all that said there is just one more thing... get applying for an Award.