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Thread: Questions to the UK Chief Commissioner

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    Questions to the UK Chief Commissioner

    The Escouts Team are delighted to announce that Wayne Bulpitt the newly appointed UK Chief Commissioner has agreed to answer questions on Escouts.

    Thanks to Wayne for his cooperation on this.

    Here are the rules for the use of this forum to post questions to the UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt

    • EVERY new question, on a different subject MUST be posted in a new thread.
    • Discussions about questions should take place in the related discussion forum . Questions should be left for Wayne to answer
    • The normal rules apply of the forum apply
    • NO confidential infomation should be included whatsover. If you have a issue that needs resolved please contact your District, County, r Area or Scottish Region. You can get advice from the information centre at Gilwell
    • Please remember and be courteous
    • Above all BE PATIENT. Wayne is a busy man, so it will take time for him to answer questions.

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    Fantastic Wayne!

    Thanks very much!

    Escouts gets all the celebs!

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