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Thread: The next 5 years

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    The next 5 years

    Hi Wayne

    Since its a completely new role, what do you hope you and the role can achieve over the next 5 years in UK Scouting

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    Hi Richard,

    Would take too long to do the question justice now but the following are the high level points.
    - fundamental to our being able to develop young people are supported, inspired and motivated section leaders.
    - we can only really achieve this through effective management and leadership (GSL's, DC, CC/AC etc. etc.). It is about people and not structures.
    - I would like leaders to feel empowered and able to influence decision making better than at present.
    - Ditto young people

    I'll be exploring it more in Scouting over the coming months and there is a flavour on my pages of

    Looking at some of the other questions, we'll cover a few more areas later.

    Wayne Bulpitt

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