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Thread: Dinosaurs!

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    A nice simple question, but I suspect not an easy answer.

    When can we expect to see the extinction of dinosaurs? (bearing in mind it's an attitude not an age!)
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    Hi Peter,
    Just covered a little of this in the reply to Richard.

    We can make some impact on changing mindsets through the use of media (internal and external) and through events and conferences etc. but I believe the only real impact will come through effective leadership, starting at the top, and ensuring that we have the right people in the right roles using things such as effective reviews. We need to be honest with people if they are in the wrong role.

    I know this will sound "too much like work" and "business speak" for many of us in our hobby, however I do think that the benefits of us seeking experienced people managers for key support roles will make Scouting much more enjoyable for those we rely on to do the real Scouting at the coal face. People volunteering for the management roles will also enjoy themselves so it is win win.

    This way, dinosaurs will find a role better suited to them.

    Wayne Bulpitt

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