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Thread: UK Chief Commissioner v other Chief Commissioners

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    UK Chief Commissioner v other Chief Commissioners

    Hi Wayne

    Firstly can I say congratulations on your appointment and the very best of wishes for your tenure.

    I do a lot of research at the moment and teach a lot about devolution and the constitutional changes that have happened in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

    It strikes me that Scouting isn't all that different.

    How does your role as UK Chief Commissioner work with the Chief Commissioners of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, considering (alike devolution) England does not have such a system?

    Are the constituent countries (except England) fairly independently managed, and if so how will you seek to influence decisions there?



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    Hi Bob,

    Many thanks for your best wishes. Living in Guernsey, I fully understand many of the sensitivities surrounding these issues and the importance of Scouting in Scotland, NI and Wales to be managed locally by their Boards etc.

    The fundamental objective for all of us though should be to support leaders in delivering the programme etc. and I do think we can best do this by working together, sharing good practice and helping each other. I hope to do this by building trust and demonstrating the benefit of partnership and colloboration as I believe this is the only way to make a long lasting difference.

    Wayne Bulpitt

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