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Thread: Killing off the core Scouting section

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    Killing off the core Scouting section

    Is there any chance whatsoever that the Scout Association will acknowledge that making it compulsory for Scouts to move up at 14.5 years to explorers is completely wrong!!! (Special Needs excepted!)

    Are you deliberately trying to kill off the patrol system and working in Peer groups that B.P. set up the movement to do?

    Beavers, Cubs, Super Cubs and Explorers?
    Scout Leader
    Plus other stuff

    Lost on the path least travelled!!

    "If you or anybody else care to email me with the specific County/District behaving in such a way I'll happily follow it up. My own views on local rules that inappropriately restrict Scouting are well know."

    Wayne Bulpitt
    UK Chief Commissioner

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    No, no and no.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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