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Thread: 1st WGC Scout Group

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    1st WGC Scout Group

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    Welcome to :escouts: Carl

    I looked at your website, but had to copy and paste the link in your sig, as it won't let me click it. It looked a nice clean and simple site though :thup:
    Mike Jury
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    Ecamp 2009
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    The link from your signature does not work, but having cracked that the initial impression is good.
    The site did not load that fast for me (could be just browser/link) but seemed quite good.
    There were a few typos I spotted (one in the day the Scout meet).
    I am not sure that 2007 counts as a recent camp/event, but that is just being picky.
    However, after two or three pages with no photos I ws bored - sorry but it needs to show Beavers, Cubs ans Scouts having fun and joining the adventure.
    Good start - just needs the extra touch.
    John Alexander,
    ASL and Assistant Webmaster
    1st Weald Brook
    ESL(YL) Brentwood District

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    First impression: takes a very long time to load. And its the same for every single page!

    Why is the first letter of every word capitalised? It looks terrible and is very hard to read!

    Apart from that, its a nice website - though you should apply for Escouts hosting so you don't need to have those ads at the top.
    Chris Hawes, District Media Manager, Watford North Scout District and Watford Scouts; Group Treasurer and Webmaster, 9th North Watford Scout Group.
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    On my laptop load time seemed ok, content was ok but could do with a bit of expanding in places. Definately hate the ads, a very good reason to use escouts and the capitals on words looks tacky. The home page link to TSA is messy and squashed, considering how neat and tidy the rest of the site is it looks out of place.

    The badge section is way out of date for a new web site and a 103 page PDF is unlikely to be read past the first couple of pages. The same applies to the recent events, drop the old pictures and get some new things.

    Although on the face of it this looks like a lot of criticism the site is actually neat and tidy, easy to work through and with a liitle fine tuning could be a very nice site.

    The link from Mid Herts site works ok with this new one, a link back would be nice.
    Ian Turner
    Cub Leader, TA & ADC Cubs
    2nd & 7th Welwyn Garden City Scout Group

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