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Thread: search feature on scout website for groups/districts/counties

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    search feature on scout website for groups/districts/counties

    Think this has been mentioned before but I'm trying to find groups in East London for someone I know and using the feature on the acout website, and it's awful as you have to know the groups in the district. Think you should be able to search at a county level and a district level. For example, if you wanted to find all the districts in GLNE and you didn't know them you could just search for GLNE and find out, with closed ones included.
    Example #2: If you wanted to find all the groups in hornchurch you could search hornchurch and find all groups in the district and closed ones.

    Also in groups think it should have what sections are active.

    It does need to be improved.

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    You are right - the search is rubbish. If you put in Brentwood it seems to only search the lowest level field which is completed. So it will find a group called 3rd Brentwood but not any Shenfield groups (also in Brentwood District), etc.
    What it shoudl do is list all entries where the search word appears in ANY of the fields.
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