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Thread: Group and District All Leader Meetings

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    Group and District All Leader Meetings

    Do you have meetings in your Group open to all the leaders from all the sections? If so, how often and what sort of things do you discuss?

    Similarly, are there open meetings for all leaders in the District (either pan section or by section) and if so how often and what do you discuss/agree?

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    There is a group meeting once a term and discuss any big events we may have coming up and just general issues. We usually use email as it's easier.

    District we have AGM and BSL/CSL/SL/ESL/GSL meetings throughout the year.

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    We try and have a Group Scouters meeting at least every quarter.

    Beforehand each Section has it own Leaders meeting where they plan what their Section is going to do over the next quarter/year/whatever period.

    When we have our Group meeting we put all the Section's plans out on the table and see if we can possibly do joint activities, such as Beavers and/or Cubs visiting the Scouts when their camping when the Scouts can lay on activities such as tracking etc., Group BBQ, Remembrance Service, etc.

    We also have District Scouters meeting (at Scout level) organised by our ADC(Scouts) every half year or so. We discuss what we'd like to do at District level such as a quiz, swimming gala, 5-a-side football, competition camp, basketball competition to name but a few. Pretty much every suggestion will be listened to and discussed. If agreed, we all offer to do our part in organising the activity.

    Hope this helps.

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    As marcush but we do have plans for a District All Leaders day next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wealdbrook View Post
    Do you have meetings in your Group open to all the leaders from all the sections? If so, how often and what sort of things do you discuss?
    Group Exec - two to three times a term. Leaders usually ALL retire to the Pub afterwards where the real nitty gritty of the group gets sorted!

    Quote Originally Posted by wealdbrook View Post
    Similarly, are there open meetings for all leaders in the District (either pan section or by section) and if so how often and what do you discuss/agree?
    Once a year for each section. Usually very formal. Once a month, however, the District Scout Leaders have a drop in for a pint evening (totally voluntary) in a pub. Again, that is where the real ideas for District Events etc get dreamed up, talked about and sorted! It works on the age old tried and trusted Scouter's Law. "Give them a Beer and they'll give you an idea!"

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    Leaders meeting - first Friday of term to plan term and prepare for Exec
    Exec - each half term
    District section leaders - once a term
    District GSL - every term
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    Group scouters meeting is combined with the exec once a month

    and i think the district leaders meetings happen monthly/ every 2 months
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    At the present time we are running Group leaders and helpers meetings 1st wednesday of each month mainly because all sections are planning next years activities and its good to either organise joint events or not clash things. It also gives everyone the chance to air and exchange views. As most leaders see each other on a Tuesday evening if we feel we do not need a meeting this month we will drop it.
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    We started holding Group scouters meetings separate from Group Executive meetings in 2007. It's been difficult, but things are begining to improve. I'm planning on holding one in late January and late June each year. The January one would look at section and group activities from March/Easter to Christmas of that year, and the June one from September to July the following year. I circulate a document beforehand with all the district and county activities that have been planned over the period being looked at. Fortunately our county has a calendar on its website I can get dates from and the district has just instituted an e-mailed termly newsletter which has relevant dates included, to replace the previous snail mail printed district bulletin.

    The district has sectional leaders meetings called by the ADCs, at most once a term, whilst the District Team now includes all the GSLs, meets two-monthly, and therefore negates the need for district GSL meetings. At the GSL workshop I attended last year, the regional development officers told us GSLs were supposed to be on district teams, which was news to most of us in the room.

    Unfortunately, very little socialising goes on after most of these district meetings, possibly due to the fact that the leaders are relatively geographically dispersed, even in what appears quite a tight area to outsiders.
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    We have 5-6 leaders meetings in our Group each year (open to all in leadership team roles, inc YLs and SAs). Then about 1 -2 weeks after each we have an Exec meeting. The GSL and I attend both so we can keep everyone in the loop, update wish lists etc. As the 2 teams work well leaders choose not to attend the Exec, although they have all the dates and details if they want to. Of those 2 of each (or so) are social events like BBQs etc after the meeting finishes.

    We invite all Exec and leadership teams to a skills afternoon / BBQ once a year now - great for practicing with new kit (from tents to flag poles) without the YPs beady eyes watching for our mistakes - means we have a trained pool to help re fundraising, camp set up etc.

    About 2-3 times a year they try and hold all District meetings for each Section, and once a year a cross section meeting too.

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    I seem to spend a great deal of time at meetings (and looking at how few some have, I think I probably do!).

    Section meeting – 3 times per year (formally and a couple of informal event specific ones such as Summer camp planning) usually between terms and mainly to plan the next term.

    GSL meeting – once every half term – we have a standard agenda: hall, minibus, training and appointments, membership numbers and yp changing sections, forthcoming group events but anything can be brought up by anyone who wishes to attend. This meeting is open to all, section leaders and assistants and YLs.

    Group Exec. – once a month – usually just the exec. but they are open to having any one from the leadership team go along.

    DCSL meeting – once every half term - agenda is usually down to the ADC (Cubs) and/or DCSL but anyone can suggest items to them to be included. Open to any leader in the Cub section in the district (and any others if they want to go to yet another meeting!). The District has a similar number of district meetings for Beavers and Scouts and GSLs.

    So for me that is at least 15 meetings a year (or potentially a lot more if I really want to go to the exec meetings), before the usual pack meetings, events and trips and the time spent on the admin stuff.

    Setting it out like that I realise why Mrs. Baloo sometimes gets a bit grumpy!

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    We have Group Exec meetings in January, March, July and October with the group AGM in May. These are open to all leaders and other members of the exec and each section provides a report on membership, leadership, weekly programme and other events.

    We hold a group leader's meeting in February, April, June, September and November where we do more detailed planning of group events and development. This is open to all leaders, helpers and young leaders.

    Within my pack the leadership team head down to the pub once per term (towards the end) to have a bit of a social gathering and to make an outline programme for the following term; review what we've done in the current term; and to discuss any changes we want to make in how we run the pack.

    There are around 2 or 3 full district leadership meetings per year, with sectional ADCs holding meetings of their leaders at varying intervals throughout the year to plan the District programme.
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    We have a group exec every month (except April when we have the AGM, August when we're on holiday, and December when we have our carol concert) attended by committe and leaders. Leaders meetings are more adhoc, but usually at least once a term.

    District leaders meetings are once a term as well.

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    Group leader meetings every other month, Group Exec as and when required, Section leader meetings at least every quarter for planning but also as and when.
    District section meetings when called by ADC. District Team and GSLs meeting every quarter. District Exec every 7-8 weeks.

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    At Group I invite all leaders to Exec meetings, I usually get 50% turn out.

    At District, the last but one DC stopped holding District meetings as it was always the same three Groups represented.

    We should reintroduce them but finding time to slot them in is becoming increasingly difficult. Too busy fighting fires with too few people.
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