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Thread: Australia night and Burns night

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    Australia night and Burns night

    thinking of having a belated Autralia and Burns night this thursday.

    Thinking of getting a Hagis for tasting , toss the caber . Also thought about doing bush tucker trials , any ideas of things to use or other ideas for the night


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    If you have small pioneering poles then tossing the cabers easy. Hold the small end in your hands and rest on your shoulder then throw it like you see on TV. It needs to flip end over end and end up on the floor lying straight ahead from you. Ideally just flipping it should be difficult.

    Have also seen hammer done with a heavy ball in a net and weight over bar done with various things in a net and some bamboo canes for the bar.

    Also easy to do sheaf tossing if you can find some hay. Again use bamboo for the bar.

    And highland dance can always be done at the end if you have that sort of troop and someone who knows how to do it. Alternativly have a rest and some Irn bru. Haggis goes well on oak cakes and can be microwaved in slices in a pyrex bowl (I'm going to get shot by a Scotsman for saying that).
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    We had haggis, neeps and tatties on the menu at camp last year. Everyone made the usual "yucks" beforehand. It was later voted the best meal of the week!

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