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Thread: Active Citizens: Virgin Voters

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    Active Citizens: Virgin Voters

    Hi Wayne,

    Could you please give us some more information about the event that is being held in Nottingham on the 15th March called Active Citizens: Virgin Voters. (

    There seems to be some confusion, highlighted in this post.

    It sounds, on the face of it, like a good event (and thank you for providing funding for travel for the young people), but the announcement does lack detail.

    Could you please also tell us some more about Young Campaigners. I do remember the training being announced in Scouting Plus, but I have since deleted this email. I can't find much on (which is another bug bare). I'm not really sure if I like the sound of the scheme, but I don't know much about it, so I can't really form an opinion. If sold to me, I could probably get behind it.

    The more information you can give, the less chance there is for myth, rumour and gossip to spread, none of which does anyone any good.

    Lastly, can you please pass on my regards to Stella Creasy. She seems to be getting a lot of flak from my fellow Scouters recently (is there an election around the corner??), but from what I can see she has worked hard for Scouting, with great passion, creativity and flair. I think she is a real asset, regardless of her own political views, or mine.


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    Many thanks for the feedback which I'll pass on.

    Active Citizens: Virgin Voters builds on the success of our Scouts Speak Up initiative which we have run at each of the main political party conferences over the past two years. The project involves four high profile open forums for young people aged 14 and over to debate with politicians of all parties their concerns for the next five years. This project will put Scouting and its young members centre stage as part of a coalition of organisations seeking to encourage young people in Britain to be active citizens. Our partners for this include The Citizenship Foundation, Oxfam, the British Youth Council and the Speaker of the House of Commons who has offered Speakers House as the venue for the final event. Participants will be drawn from all these youth organisations and target audience at each event is approximately 500 young people.

    To partner these events a guide to campaigning and advocacy will be produced by the Citizenship Foundation.

    The Young Campaigners initiative is a little like that for Young Spokespeople and is about giving young people the skills and confidence to express their own views and opinions for example.

    Hope this helps clarify,
    Wayne Bulpitt

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