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    Our Troop has been open since September 09. 3 of the Patrol Leaders came from another Troop and one is straight into Scouting. All the APLs have come up from Cubs. It is a very young Troop and they are all doing pretty well considering their ages.

    There have been a few issues with silliness and a lack of enthusiasm from one or two, but otherwiseall is going well.

    We've decided that it would be beneficial to sit down with each PL and APL and do a watered down form of appraisal so they know what they are doing well and where they need extra training and support to improve.

    Has anyone else done this? If so, did you fill out any paperwork for them to take away afterwards? Or was it more of an informal chat? Anyone have an appraisal form that they have used?


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    I'd think about setting den the guidelines a PL should do in your Troop and just discussing with the PL whether they think they have met them and why - and if not how they can do so. It should be kept very informal IMHO.

    Also ask them for feedback on the Leadership team and ask what they want to do.
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    Think its a good idea, but id suggest you do it more as an informal chat with each PL.
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    I agree it needs to be informal. Don't want to scare them off. Just think it is important at this stage for them to be able to have a forum where they can voice their opinions on what they feel they need support wise and also to get praise for the things they do well.

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