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Thread: Concrete5 Scout Template now for 5.5 as well!!!

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    My mistake I know its still the same simple_blue theme repackaged just my site was looking for specific named files that I had mislaid or deleted by accident in my tinkering to separate out the two copies of concrete5 I had running on the domain as a main domain and sub domain to prevent users from playing with something they shouldn't. I have since found that changing individual page and block properties is much more efficient.
    Thanks so much for your help that's exactly what I was looking for as my memory had failed my as to which packages and themes folders I had to put the files in.

    Once again Escouts to rescue

    Thanks again all good now.

    East Sussex

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    Playing with the theme now and I like it. I haven't spotted where to change the blog thumbnails though, they don't appear on the blog entry page.
    If it was easy, it wouldn't be so much fun...
    GSL 1st Aylburton & Lydney, TA, ESL(YL), District Campsite Warden & webmanager .....only 1 hour a week, they said (not pointing out that was what was left)

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    Is the template going to be updated for concrete 5.7?
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    [QUOTE=pjshannon;391426]Is the template going to be updated for concrete 5.7?[/QUOTE]

    Its not something I personally plan on doing, any Scout sites I look after now, are Wordpress. I only hacked about an existing theme

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