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Thread: Trip for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts after Church Parade

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    Trip for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts after Church Parade

    Hi, Need some ideas,

    I'm stuck for a place to take the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts after Remembrance Day church parade, Sun 14th Nov. The venure needs to be on a tube route (central line) or reachable by bus from Northolt. I'm working on about £7 per person and having a max of 56 kids and minimum of about 30. Venue needs to indoors but fun, ie no museums.

    any ideas?


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    British Museum?

    It's open daily from 10:00 to 17:30 and it's on the Central Line (Holborn IIRC).

    As it's likely to be cold (and wet) in mid-November an indoor location would probably be the best bet. There should also be enough "stuff" to interest the age range (6-14) you're thinking of taking.

    The Egyptian mummies are v popular with the younger kids!

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    Sorry, just read your post properly

    You said "no museums".
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    How about these?

    I don't know London very well, so I am afraid they may not be practical - could you contact the Royal Mews and see if you could get a visit there?

    Or how about the Olympic arena - could you try to arrange a visit there?

    I would say though that when you say the visit has to be fun, ie no museums - some museums can be great fun! Contact some of them and see if they are running anything special - tell them how many people and they may run something special for you! You don't know unless you ask!

    How about a guided walk round the old parts of London - get a great guide and it can be enormous fun - with those numbers you could probably get a deal, and separate walks for the age groups.
    What about the Tower of London? Our Cubs loved it!
    The best way is to contact places direct and see what they can do.
    How about Scotland Yard and their crime museum? Could be interesting.

    Have you thought about asking the children what they might like to do?

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