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Thread: scout re-union

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    scout re-union

    Met some of the leaders today to talk over a scout re-union with dads/grandads, old leaders etc in our area. I mentioned 'smores' and nobody new what i was talking about!! I thought smores were digestives with melted marshmallows in the middle and i am sure i got it off here!
    Am I wrong? They said they had never heard of them being called smores?!
    Anyway, we hope to have either a campfire or a barbecue as a re-union and we were going to do smores, old songs, a competition to see who can pitch the tent first etc. Has anyone anything that could be added to it?
    I was going to ask if any of the dads/grandads have a personal skill that they remember and has followed them through life but anything else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alisonmichael View Post
    I mentioned 'smores' and nobody new what i was talking about!! I thought smores were digestives with melted marshmallows in the middle and i am sure i got it off here!
    Am I wrong? They said they had never heard of them being called smores?!
    We certainly know s'mores as that - choccy digestives of course though Personally first had them in about 1986 in America, and was told they were called s'mores because you always want some more!

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    I put a Smores programme on POL (or did I spell in S'mores?). I recommend the chocolate Bahlsen biscuits which removes the balancing act between two biscuits, chocolate and a napalm hot marshmallow, they are (hopefully still) on BOGOF in Waitrose.

    The original biscuits used are Grahams crackers but I've not sourced any over here.
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    I organised a reunion dinner for my old venture unit last year.

    Had 50 people there, from those who were the last ventures when it closed to be absorbed into another explorer unit through to some Rover scouts who pre-dated ventures.

    We organised welcome drinks, followed by pasta bolognaise with salad and garlic bread, chocolate cake and cream and cheese and biscuits and port. Dinner was followed by a number of speeches (some planned, others not) and campfire songs.

    We made a tidy profit (which we hadn't expected) which was donated to the local explorer unit and everyone had a great time.
    I did the shopping and made the bolognaise, the GSL set the tables, two or three people circulated emails and contacts and everyone mucked in with finishing cooking, serving and washing up.

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    As Mang says, original S'mores used graham crackers with pieces of chocolate and a marshmallow. However, with little hands that often resulted in all or part of it hitting the ground (not that that stopped them from eating it!). We now use chocolate covered graham crackers that are readily available over here so they basically make a sandwich using two of the chocolate grahams and a marshmallow. Not as good because you don't get as much chocolate but it is certainly easier prep and easier for the kids to eat!
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    We usually just use Rich Tea biscuits to do s'mores.
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    chocy digestives and CHEAP Lidl marshmallows in giant packs... So we get one as well!

    2 kids, 1 house, non-scouty husband, BSL, ACSL, and 1 full time job!! If I can do it why can't everybody else?!?

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