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Thread: Google Docs

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    Google Docs

    I use google docs for keeping a spreadsheet of scout records including tabs for contact details, badges etc which all leaders can access and edit.

    Each term I have one scout doing their administrators badge and I would like to be able to give them access. However the spreadsheet also contains details of things like special needs etc not all of which are appropriate to give other young people details of.

    Does anyone know if there is anyway of giving access to someone to just part of such a spreadsheet? Or to password protect just one tab or part of a tab?


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    I rather doubt that a spreadsheet on any platform will do what you want. that's database territory. Excel will let you password protect for making changes, but i don't think it will do any user level access. And google docs spready is a lot cruder.

    Do you really need that info in your main spready anyway? I might tend to keep that in a separate doc. It should only be relevant for two or three kids, surely?

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    Could you not just copy that tab into a new google docs sheet? Not ideal I know as then you have two documents for people to look at but it could be reintegrated later.

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    I do my record keeping in a similar way. However, the Group Register, contains all the sensitive information, and we don't actually store this on Google Docs - just to be safe. But each records spreadsheet such as badge progress, has a "Records" tab, which contains the minimum amount of information to make the particular spreadsheet work (name, section, etc). Updates to the Register can be easily copied into the other record sheets.
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