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Thread: What a crap night @ scouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBadBaloo View Post
    I don't disgaree and if they don't want to be there, then give up the place to somebody who does. It just struck me as odd in Kastor's posting that they are "pleased to get a red card as it means they can have a week off" as it seemed to imply they couldn't take a week off without a red card!
    I think it might be that because the system is not being implemented in a fair way that the scouts are enjoying the farce - getting the red card becomes a badge of honour. It might be, reading between the lines, that they turn up the following week anyway knowing it will have been forgotten about and the game starts again with another trying to gain the red card.

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    Well after all that worrying our lot were pretty good last night. They split themselves into fairly even groups to do Astronomy, Craft and Pioneering without much hassle and we got quite a bit done.
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    I am in Malaysia at the moment and was invited to attend a local scout troop for the time I am here 3 months what a diffrence having scouts aged 11 to 16 with patrol leaders aged 15 and 16.
    visited a camping comp and the patrols had to build a camp from scratch no tents never seen so many bamboo poles
    the sites look great at the end of the first day with sleeping shelters tables chairs washing stands gates etc
    its a pity i could not see them finished I had a wedding to attend

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