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Thread: No more "Last laugh" in Scouting

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim_n View Post
    Nothing to stop anyone starting their own scouting magazine with real skills & photos in it. With the internet, it doesn't even need to be printed anymore.

    I'll even sort you a website out for it...
    Tim that is not going to happen, I mean that would involve someone putting in some effort and then what would they have to moan about
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    I miss The Last Laugh but I still get my giggles elsewhere

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    He's still going? Excellent

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    Last Laughs


    I was looking for something else (isn't it always the way?) when I came across all the various posts relating to my absence from the Last Laugh pages. It seems quite a few years since I stopped working for Scouting Magazine after what I think was a 25 year stint as their regular cartoonist.
    To be fair, it was unusual for someone to work for a publication for so long without being shown the door. I probably should have left earlier to prevent me from becoming an institution
    If only all my other commissioning editors had kept me around for so long...
    Just to put people's minds at rest, I'm alive and well and still drawing for editorial, advertising and corporate clients. Always hoping that the style and content of my cartoons represent situations that the viewers can relate to. The drawing reproduced above from LRM magazine is an example that 'bucks the trend'....I've worked for them for 20 years having recently completed my 250th full page cartoon.
    So thanks to everyone for their friendly comments, it was nice to read, even if I was a bit late in doing so.....
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    Glad you are still doing well Ian, and even now 9years on, I still inadvertently sometimes flip to the back to see if the last laugh has returned.

    Akela - 8th Mirfield
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    Last Laughs

    That’s never going to happen, probably after all those years it may be a good thing!
    I’ve recently seen a current Scouting Magazine and I am impressed by the number and variety of illustrations that are used.
    Cartoons in the Last Laughs style are probably a thing of the past. Very rarely do you see them in current publications.
    I regularly meet up with another cartoonist who, like me started our careers in the National newspapers.
    He’s firmly of the impression we are a ‘dying breed’! .....Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There has to be change.
    Although not good news if you want to embark on a career drawing cartoons with humorous captions!
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