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Thread: Who can award Chief Scouts Diamond?

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    Who can award Chief Scouts Diamond?


    I am a CSL and my 18 year old ACSL has just told me she thinks she's done her Chief Scouts Diamond. She was awarded her Silver DofE last week (through Scouts) and as an Explorer ticked all the other boxes, including being an active Explorer.

    However she is now not a member of a Network - partly politics, partly personalities, partly time.

    I don't think Chief Scouts Diamond is within my remit, or the GSL's - I presume for an over 18 year old it has got be a Network person - District Network Commissioner as a start?

    Am I right?



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    If she completed it as an Explorer before her 18th birthday, then it would be the DESC.

    However, if it wasn't complete, then after 18 having not at least registered with Network, the Scouting award scheme, including Platinum, Diamond, and the Queen's Scout Award, are not available.

    She would need to register with Network, and unless she could come to an agreement on backdating, anything done since the 18th birthday may not count!

    Youth awards can't be done by adult leaders; it makes a mockery of the system. Except DofE where we have to follow the DofE rules and make it open to all "members" of the DofE age range.

    And before anyone flames me, of course I understand that where Network does't exist at all, it is a special circumstance requiring flexibility. But if it does, you can't just turn around and say "I'm not joining a youth section" and then expect that section's awards!
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    In Our area, Bronze and Silver awards are issued by the District Commissioner and he can delegate to the sections ADC if needed.

    However, CS Gold awards are issued by the County Commissioner. After that, I'm not sure, but certainly couldn't be awarded by GSL. If you speak to your CC, they should be able to tell you whether your ACSL is eligible for their award and if so, how to go about getting it assessed. I believe Peter is right though, that she would have to be registered with the correct section.

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    What Peter said.

    Unless you are in Network, or you completed it in explorers, you are not eligible to get CS Diamond, or QSA.

    I've bent the rules before when I had an ex explorer who'd done the requirements except the nights away, and then helped at some scout camps, so they had the requisit number of nights away. It was one of the biggest pains in the bum I've ever had. But it's not a tale for a public forum.
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    We don't know when this person turned 18? Until July this year the upper age range of Explorers was 18.5 anyway.
    She had apparently done all the things for the diamond award while an Explorer except maybe the last part of her DofE. Perhaps she'd actually completed her silver DofE before she left Explorers, or before her 18th birthday, and it was just awarded afterwards because they like to wait for a special occasion?

    If so I'd say the Explorer leader could look at her record and award it.

    If not as others said register for Network. Maybe you won't get to meetings, but you can still work for awards.

    BTW my daughter is in a simlar position having completed everything except her sport for DofE while under 18 at Explorers. Due to an illness she is only completing the sport this week . However there has never been Network here until Sept this year, so she wasn't able to register previously although we did repeatedly ask. I don't think anyone is going to object...

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    Thanks, that confirms my understanding.

    As she wants to go on to do her QSA, she'll have to register with Network for that so she may as well ddo so now.



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