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Thread: Activity Plus badges for younger age ranges

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    Activity Plus badges for younger age ranges

    So, the Cubs did their Home Help badge tonight. 3 of them have already achieved it independently anyway. They will get a Certificate of Excellence if they complete the required "homework" anyway, but I am wondering why it is that only Scouts have the privilege of the "Activity Plus" badge?

    If anyone doesn't know what I am on about, it is a generic plain badge with silver edging that has to be sewn on to the uniform underneath the original badge. Hugely popular with parents for that reason of course, and completely unknown to our local badge shop until I told them about it.

    The requirements are as follows:

    Activity PLUS badges can be awarded if you develop your skills or knowledge to a higher level than the activity badge.

    It should represent a significant achievement, taking into account your abilities and the nature of the activity, as well as local facilities.

    To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements below:

    1. Hold the relevant activity badge.

    2. Agree a target with the Troop leadership team before seeking to gain a PLUS badge, This should involve taking part in additional training or involvement in the activity, in order to develop further your knowledge and/ or skills.
    Examples of appropriate targets might be:

    1. For the canoeist PLUS, achieve the BCU Paddlepower Discover

    2. For the pulling PLUS take charge of a boat under oars

    3. For the meteorologist PLUS, keep a weather diary for an agreed number of months

    4. For the dragon boating PLUS, train for a month as part of a team to compete in a national dragon boat competition.

    Achieve the target to the satisfaction of the Troop leadership team.


    A PLUS badge can be awarded for any activity badge, apart from the following: any staged activity badge, Basic Aviation Skills, Aviation Skills, Advanced Aviation Skills, Basic Nautical Skills, Nautical Skills, Advanced Nautical Skills.
    We awarded a couple of these badges a few years back to Scouts who had gone way beyond the requirements for the Scout Ski badge - they were on black runs.

    So, first question, how many SLs were even aware of this badge?

    Second question, why can we not have something similar for Beavers and Cubs?

    It may be one for Wayne in due course, but I thought I should start a discussion on here first.
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    I'd imagine the main reason for having them in Scouts and not beavers and Cubs is the extra time spent in Scouts enabling someone to make a significant improvement in a skill such that they might need another badge in that area.

    I would certainly say I've never come across someone that needed a PLUS badge in Beavers especially as Swimming/IT/Music are staged so they can do a stage relevant to their skill level for these areas.

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    As Pete said the extra time in scouts does tend to lead someone who has an interest in a specific badge to go further than the basic badge requirement and that should be acknowledged.

    Regarding you question Penny, I hadn't thought about it before but I can think of a few that would be possibilities. Home Help for the person that to some degree is a carer and goes way beyond the requirement a lot of the time. There are others the only problem I can see would be establishing a requirement that was consistant, and would you then be entering the realms of the requirements for Scout badges.

    The same would apply to Beavers although I don't think there is the same chance of overlap of requirements.
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    I give out activity plus badges to my cubs, especially the water sports badge, as being a sea scout group, they do over and above the requirements.

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    I think it would worr for cubs, and I can think of a couple of mine who would benefit ffrom them - the Entertainer badge for those who just take it a lot further, Water Activities for those who get beyond the 'have a go' standard for starters.

    I would have thought the standard of the relevant Scout Activity badge may be appropriate as a guide when setting targets.

    As the parent that sews on the badges (and knowing how many my cubs have already) I think any more are a ridiculous idea, and having to re-sew one I've already put on !!!!

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