Non-uniformed adults length of service


Hi Wayne,

Following on from the previous question about training for non uniformed adults can I ask why the TSA doesn't show or credit an adult volunteer who has helped for many years with any service record.

This has become more noticable since the inclusion of OH's on the membership system where length of services is always 0 despite now having membership records for them which may not have been the case in the past.

Just seen the above post to Wayne.

I beleive that Wayne has answered with the "correct" answer.

An OH is just that and you cannot measure their service as they are occasional - may be just an odd camp or a few meetings a year etc.

I think that some people are appointing OHs instead of Section Assistants to save money (AMS), the person doesn't want to do the training etc but peple think they should be credited with service.

Sorry, I don't think they should (it is in POR too). If they want a 'proper' service creditable role then they should make the committment to what is required for that.