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Thread: ZIP wire

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    ZIP wire

    Dear one and all,
    we are in the process of planning a "Big Adventure" style camp for 24th to 26th June this year in Sittingbourne.

    As part of this I am would like to get a zip wire erected on site. I belive some groups have the trained leaders and equipment for this, but have been unable to find any locally.

    Therefore does anyone know of a group that might be able to siist us and could provide the skills and equipment to run a zip wire over the weekend?

    I would rather not go down the comercial route as this just starts to get far too expensive!

    many thanks Rover

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    Do you mean a zip wire or an aerial runway? A zip wire is on a metal wire and generally these are permanent installations. An aerial runway is on a large diameter rope and is generally a temporary installation and must be erected following the Aerial Runway Code

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    Don't know how close these guys are you but might be worth asking them
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    If you cannot get someone with the equipment from Scouting, then you have no real option but to go commercial.

    There are firms who come in with an access platform/ crane and rig who run Zip wires. But they have costs, not the least of which are insurance and wages.

    We DO NOT BUILD ZIP WIRES we build Aerial Runways to a very strict code and there will be people around if you ask around.

    June is a busy month for us, and Kent is a long trip to set up an AR I'm afraid. Surely someone in the great County of Kent can help you out?
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