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    burns night

    Apart from the usual haggis tasting and some poems does anyone else do anything to celebrate burns night?
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    I would do a scottish night on the clans, and see where they come from, i do have a book with last nights in and their clans.

    Haggis tastes gooood.

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    We have a full Burns Supper! - three courses, full set of speeches etc.

    You could have a 'haggis hunt' game - of course you all know the haggis is a three legged animal which runs about the highlands? Very difficult to catch it!


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    Now i remember living in Edinburgh and telling that the the Haggis was a small animal that lived on the sides of hill (Like arthurs seat) and that to catch one all you had to do was go Haggis Bagging. You see to live happily on the hill side the Haggis had developed shorter legs on one side of it's body allowing it to stand up right whilst on teh angle of the sloping hill. However if frightened or startled the Haggis would try to turn and run and eventually fall and roll down the hill (dur to the legs on one side of its body being shorter). Then a second person at the base of the slope only needed to 'bag' the haggis.

    Happy times

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    Can do the full monty (almost). Not so easy to find a piper down here though.

    Poetry - which might as well be double dutch to most of them. If it isn't English they get confused...

    I got round it by using music. Some will call it Scot's kitsch but I don't really care, but the Corries have covered many of Burn's songs in a style that is accessible to young people of any age.

    I use MacPhearson's Rant. I tell the (true) story of Macphearson and how he was betrayed, and condemned, yet he danced and played his fiddle one least time before he broke it so that no-one would play it after they had hanged him. And how that fiffle can still be seen in the MacPhearson Museum in Newtonmore ( )This is NOT the Lament written by Macphearson himself but a telling of the tale by Burns.

    I have also used Tibbie Dunbar, Rattlin' Roarin Willie - both of which get the feet tapping and hands clapping - try that with yer Shakespeare

    With Scouts I'll also do A Man's a Man, which after a bit of translation they get. With Explorers we'll do Holy Wullie's Prayer (well, I would wouldn't I!).

    And of course, To a Haggis.

    One other one that is easy is Killikrankie, whilst Sherrifmuir though longer has some fantastic lines.

    If you are looking for the music or Youtube - just search for "The Corries", and you'll get about 1400 to look through.

    Or, for a less kitsch option, look for Eddie Reader and Ae Fond Kiss, My love is Like a Red Red Rose, and various others.

    Dick Gaughan is another who I think does Burns well. Red Red Rose from his Five Hand Reel Days is the one that converted me to Burns.

    You could play a smuggling game, Burns was a Customs Officer on the Solway Coast where smuggling was rife.
    Ewan Scott

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    We did a Burns Night for my pack (in Kent) last year ...

    Opening game - Bash the haggis (in teams, 4 goals, give each team a basher (half a length of pipe insulation) and they have to bash the haggis (several plastic bags wrapped in gaffa tape) into the goal, hockey style

    Scottish dress - I had my kilt on, talked them through the different items of national dress

    Mini burns supper - little bit of explanation, cut down address, haggis tasting

    Scottish country dancing - Kirsties’ Ceilidh, the simplest dance I could find! They all managed it, although most of them took twice as long as it should have.

    Kids all enjoyed it, and we counted towards the global challenge (Scotland is another country when you live in Kent!)

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    Don't forget Auld Lang Syne!

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    I did a "Scottish Sword Dance Game" which the Cubs really enjoyed:

    Suitable Bagpipe music (I brought my IPOD+Speaker)
    Big Foam Dice
    Silver masking Tape - we made 8 big crosses on the floor (swords), 2 for each six. We marked a "1", "2", "3" and "4" in each quadrant with chalk.
    Stopwatch (or watch or mobile phone stopwatch function)

    I told them there were 5 steps to learning how to do Scottish Sword Dancing.

    1/ Hop
    2/ Tuck your other foot inside the knee of the leg you're hopping on.
    3/ Put your hands on your hips
    4/ Occasionally arc one of your hands over your head.
    5/ Occasionally whoop.

    And P.S. "Don't step on the swords". We all tried it, then...

    The Game
    * Each six was divided into 2 groups - one for each silver cross (swords)
    * We started the music. The first 8 Cubs started dancing/hopping on the quadrant with the number "1"
    * A leader rolled the dice. If the number was 1, 2, 3, or 4 the Cubs had to hop to that quadrant. If the number was 5 or 6 they had to change foot.
    * Another leader called "change" every 30 seconds and the next Cub would take over.

    Hope thats clear - the Bagpipe music should ideally be some kind of jig - fairly fast, not a dirge :-)

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    Lot's of cardboard boxes and cellotape, build Hadrian's Wall down the middle of the hall. Two teams, Romans and Scots, on their own side of the wall lobbing sponge tennis balls over. Lot's of sponge tennis balls. When the whistle goes count up. Most balls on your side loses.

    Eat haggis.

    Repeat game.

    Demolish wall and live in peace as a united nation ever after.
    John Russell
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    Thanks, Washati & JohnR - filed away for St Andrews Day!

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