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Thread: A little advice / help please

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    A little advice / help please

    I have a scout, a PL, that has achieved their CSA Gold, the only challenge badge they have not got is their Expedition. This they were working on but I called it off because others in the group had not done the work and training towards it. Since then 1 has left to go to Explorers and the other 3 just left.
    So my problem is that I have one scout who is far ahead of the others in terms of badgework, older by some months over the rest, and not 13 1/2 yet.
    What can I do with them? As I mentioned they are a PL and we are needing to appoint 4 PL's from the current 5 APL's and then look for 4 APL's. We do have 13 'new starters' 4 who have been in scouts a couple of months and 9 who have been in a couple of weeks.

    Any advice would be gratefully accepted.


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    You could make them a Senior Patrol Leader with additional responsibilites to assist the PLs with the new starters.

    We have done this with one of our Scouts and he now also chooses and runs the games at the end of the evening.

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    Could you not look at the PL working with a group of Explorers on Bronze DofE?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith View Post
    Could you not look at the PL working with a group of Explorers on Bronze DofE?
    They are doing an expedition for the bronze lot in April.


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    I would be wary of mixing him up with DofE. The minimum age to register for Bronze is 14 (ignoring the school year group thing that doesn't apply). The DofE won't allow mixing of Training and Assessed groups on the same expedition so I can't see them being to happy with a non-DofE coming along either.

    You could look at him going on a CS Platinum expedition with an Explorer Unit but that's putting him with Explorers before he's of minimum age for that as well, so again has it's own problems.

    I would go for the SPL route with him teaching the new PLs the ropes. If you really want to get him his Expedition Challenge could he go with another Troop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kastor View Post
    I would be wary of mixing him up with DofE. The minimum age to register for Bronze is 14 (ignoring the school year group thing that doesn't apply).
    There is an exemption to allow 13 year olds to undertake an expedition with a group they have trained with. Would have to check on the exact details though.
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    We have a 14 yr old SPL who moves up to Explorers at Easter. We have a 13 yr old PL and the next oldest is 12, so pretty much in the same situation.

    We are making our 13 yr old a training SPL to train up one of the APLs we're having a few issues with. He will suppport him in the role of APL and teach him the role.

    We don't automaticall appoint APLs into PL roles. The Scouts all have the opportunity to apply for a PL role, but there is another thread on that somewhere.

    Our PLs have a PL Council which the most senior PL chairs. They make decisions on whether those applying for PL roles are put forward for vote, they run meetings, plan camps, decide on badges and activities they want to do and it is also a forum for them to help each other with any issues they are experiencing in their role.

    If he wants to do the Expedition Challenge, why not let him choose a couple of [not so] older Scouts who he can do the planning with and then do the Expedition just before he moves up to Explorers, which means the other Scouts will be 6 months older by then.

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    Why can't the explorers do the expedition with the scout?

    They are all still YP and assuming they are still SA members, you or the ESL can issue an event passport and off they can go.

    Or am I missing something?

    We have done this with Scouts who need a buddy for an expedition.

    What happens if they are the only one in their age group?

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    No being old enough for either explorers or to do the DoE is an issue, also they do not know the explorers apart from a couple (the ESU is district based rather than attached to a group), and with the ESU having a dearth of females I wouldn't be happy with a 13 y o girl doing the expedition. They will be doing the expedition challenge later in the year with others, but the others aren't ready yet.
    Yes, there could be the role of training PL's and APL's but I don't want them to get fed up because they are training others, also the trainees have many of the challenge badges still to work for.
    It is finding something for them to do without them losing interest or the keenness that they have displayed in scouts.

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    Is it the badge challenge they want?
    If so - activity badge / activity badge plus?
    - re-do a challenge badge doing different requirements? I think they can wear two if they do this
    - make a badge up(!) - why not pick a badge from history (perhaps the old Explorer Award, then the Chief Scouts Award which went with it) and see if they can get it? Or find another country / organisations badge requirements and give them that to work on?

    Or is it finding things for them to do on a troop night which will keep them interested, without them being a full time 'trainer'?
    If so - as above, but apply to the whole troop / group of older ones

    If it's other activities, are there any district / outside organisations that could give them a bit more adventure whilst not propelling them to Explorers? or service crew at a campsite?

    Hope you find something to keep them motivated

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