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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotso View Post
    Is there anyone out there to re-kindle my faith?
    Not me I'm afraid.

    I've been trialling this site for about a month and two weeks ago I hit a major snag. Basically you can't add a second family member to the group if that parent has already changed their password, since you're required to know (or reset) the password.

    I emailed them and was told someone would get back to me next day. I heard nothing, and still haven't after two weeks and two reminder emails. Knowing that others have had similar issues with support closes the lid on it for me.

    I read in Scouting this month that the Scout Association is currently working on a closed trial with Virgin Giving for a few select Scout groups. I'm looking forward to hearing more about that...

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    The decision has been made for me...

    I got this email a few minutes ago:

    Dear Leader,

    Over the last couple of months we have been collecting feedback from our users and looking at ways to improve the service offering to assist you in the running of your club.

    Having now reviewed the feedback we have taken the decision to withdraw the system as of the 1st October in order for us to develop the platform further.

    Knotso Anxious

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    We saw that. I sent them some feedback but heard nothing since. Doesn't instill confidence.
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    Really interesting that this thread has come up, two very quick things before I continue:

    1) I haven't posted on Escouts for ages! Every now and then have a quick glance but just not had a chance to get back involved in the community, which is a shame (and something I hope to change!)

    2) I work for the company/product I'm about to talk about - this isn't designed or intended to be a blatant plug but hopefully of use to the Escouts membership.

    Last January we launched HomePay which is an online payment solution to complement our existing communication service, HomeContact. Have a look at the website if you want to get an idea of what we do, but essentially our main customers are school.

    Since about Easter we've also been running a really small pilot scheme of HomePay with a few Scout Groups (ones that already been using HomeContact) to help them with collecting payments from parents for things like subs, trips, activities etc. I'm a Cub leader in Herts and my own group has been using HP and it has gone down well with our parents (and saved me countless trips to the bank! )

    We're currently at the stage where we'd like to look at opening the pilot scheme to other scout groups/units that might be interested in getting involved. Having read through some of the comments on this thread, I think our system probably deals with many of the common concerns already but I guess we're keen to just get a solution to a problem that effects almost every Scout Group/leader around.

    Anyhow, if this is of interest to anyone, or even if you'd just like to get more of an idea as to how the whole thing works please feel free to get in touch (PM me & we can chat on email). Additionally, if people wish to ask questions I'm happy to answer them here publicly.
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