www.equartermaster.uni.cc OR www.leicesterwalk.co.uk/eqm

The Site

A website for Scout Quartermasters. Originally designed as a base for the E-Quartermaster inventory software, which is free to download from the site. It now also houses other resources, plus forums for QMs to use.

E-Quartermaster Inventory System

The software runs in Microsoft Access and allows complete inventory management. Everything from a marquee to a dishcloth. Features include:

Printable reports
Manage repairs
Manage loans, deposits and over-due fines
Manage disposables/consumables
Print lables for kit

The new version (due later this summer) will be barcode compatible. All reports and lables will show the item code in text and in barcode, which can be scanned using a standard barcode scanner.

Tuck Shop Software

Also, work in progress: E-tuckshop. Simple POS software for scout tuck shops, to include:

Stock management
Accounts (credit and debit amounts to/from a scout's account)
Barcode compatible
Voucher compatible
Print receipts, sales reports, etc
Runs in Microsoft Access