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Thread: Scouting Magazine for Under 18s

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    Scouting Magazine for Under 18s

    Hi Wayne,

    As a Cub Young Leader, I often find it frustrating that there is no option on my Backpack to get access to Scouting Magazine or Scouting Plus.
    I understand that you clearly don't want to have it set to automatically go out to every under 18 on the database, but surely an "Opt-In" box would not be too much of an issue. I believe that there is a select core of people who would actually request the magazine as they are more enthusiastic than perhaps some adult leaders !! You can see in my signature just how much time I give to Scouting, and cannot wait to become an actual warranted adult leader... but until that point, why must I be deprived of the great articles and news that will surely affect me!

    Also, I know that it can be read online, but nothing beats the feeling of a magazine in your hands!

    Hope to see you back in Carlisle soon, it was a really good evening!!

    ACSL & Webmaster - 13th Carlisle Scout Group
    Nominated Youth Representative to the Scout Association Council for Cumbria
    County Exec Member, Chair of Cumbria County Youth Forum etc etc

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    Hi Ben,

    I think this is a good idea and the team are presently looking into the practicalities and costs of making it an option.

    In the meantime, there are a couple of workarounds as you mention which, whilst not ideal, should at lest ensure Young Leaders receive the support whilst we find a better solution.

    Many thanks for the idea.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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