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Thread: moving on ceremony

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    moving on ceremony

    Hi Guys

    im sure ive seen this but my searching come up empty

    i am looking for ideas to do a moving up ceromony for scout to explorers

    any would help


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    Don't know if this is any help to you...

    We do one 'big' Moving up at the end of every year as part of our AGM/Family BBQ; the entire Group from beavers to ventures forms two long lines (we have to do this outside!) with the Leaders across the top.

    Then the beavers who are moving up 'fall out', carrying their banners/mascots, walk down to the end of the row then up through the middle of the two lines, they hand back the banners/ mascots to the beavers and join in the Cub lines.

    Then the Cubs coming up to Scouts do the same, followed by the Scouts who are coming up to Ventures.

    Then we all come to alert and sing Taps and dismiss - takes about 10 minutes at most.

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    We don't do a ceremony for the Scouts moving on to Explorers as such, but do present them all with a plaque with their dates in the Troop on it, the SL gives a little dit on each of them, and we have a big cake to be shared out amongst them and the rest of the Troop (they move up in batches as the Unit likes to take them in groups). It works well although we don't make a big thing out of it, we stress that they're always welcome back to sail & help out at weekends (helps that the Unit use our HQ).

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