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Thread: Scout Association and Job Centre Plus

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    Scout Association and Job Centre Plus

    Have the SA done much work in partnership with JCP?

    - Scout Association can use JCP to promote leader vacancies
    - JCP can give SA materials and guidance for jobseekers (thinking more Explorer/Network)

    As an unemployed jobseeker myself, I had voluntary work mentioned to me on more than 1 occasion as doing voluntary work can help you find a job.

    I know that the SA spends a fair bit on advertising campaigns but has it ever thought of going to the 1 place that nearly every unemployed person HAS to do to?

    Typical JCP claimants are 18-25, the biggest group of unemployed, There are also your 25+ claimants.

    Any thoughts?

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    Great to hear that Job Centres are positively supporting volunteering - we did a little worrk a year or so ago to encourage/facilitate this.

    Having undertaken research that shows us that the vast majority of new volunteers are already “connected” to Scouting (typically parents and former youth members – but also friends of existing volunteers etc.) most of our focus is in supporting that e.g. The Big Adventure etc.

    In partnership with Volunteering England however, we have focussed upon reminding Job Centres that volunteering is not an alternative to paid employment but can be a positive step towards it.

    Previously there have been ongoing problems with volunteers being told by Job Centres that because they were volunteering they were not “available for work” and their unemployment benefit would be cut – this was contrary to the policy but was still happening - great to hear this has changed.

    Good luck with the job hunting,

    ps we don't spend any money on advertising campaigns.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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