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Thread: Community Rules & Signature Policy

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    Community Rules & Signature Policy

    • No Abusive or Unpleasant Language, specifically swearing.

    You are not allowed to swear on this board in anyway. You are not allowed to mask the word to imply swearing by removing some or most of the characters. I think the easiest way of puting what is acceptable, and what isnt, is by asking yourselves this question. Would the BBC broadcast it in the morning? You could also ask yourself the question,Would I be comfortable saying that in front of a Beaver or Cub? Cubs read Escouts!!

    • No Potentially libellous comments about a named individual or group of people.
    • No potentially personal comments about a named individual or group of people.
    • No Spam postings, which includes the unsolicited promotion of a commercial website or product. Genuine requests for information of suppliers of a service ARE acceptable.
    • No mobile phone text speak. Discussions should be in full English.
    • Any Abusive usernames will be deleted. Usernames are not allowed to reflect a commercial organisation in an attempt to spam.
    • Any discussions which the moderators deem inappropriate, will be edited or removed.
    • Posts must also be posted to the correct forum, or it will be moved.
    • Members are reminded that Escouts is well indexed by Google and other search engines. Parents, young people and journalists use Google, so think before you post.
    • Concerns about postings or individual users should be directed to the moderators using the mechinism below. Users conduct must not be discussed on the Board, or in any Social Groups.

    Signature Policy
    All adverts placed of commercial organisations are banned.
    Up to a 12pt text link will still be permitted, to up to 2 companies which the individual is directly linked to.
    You may only link to up to Scouting sites which your are connected with, and your personal site.

    You may upload a picture (maximum 500 x 100 pixels), however this must be done via the Signature Picture feature in User CP > Edit signature.

    Consideration should be given to the size of you signature, and its effect on other users. The Escouts team will contact via PM users who have signatures which are either too big, or contain totally pointless information. Failure to act will force the Escouts team to either edit the signature, withdrawl signature rights from the user or in extreme cases ban the user.

    Any abuse of the forum should be reported by clicking the Triangle at the bottom left of an offending post (this alerts all moderators for that forum)

    Once we get a complaint, we will consider it and act appropriately. Threads may be placed off the board, for consideration for the whole moderation team. When appropriate, a short post will be made in the forum to let users know this has happened. This would not be appropriate for example when spamming has occured.

    Where a note of a thread being moved is made, either the thread will be returned (with or without edits) or notification made that the thread will not return.

    The Escouts Management Team reserves the right to ban people who break the rules of the forum. We give infractions when appropriate, and warn people as well, however we will and have banned people who do not follow the rules.

    Closing Accounts
    If you wish your account closed please PM Richard. We reserve the right to close accounts if it has not been used for a while.

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