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Thread: Burns Night at Cubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushfella View Post
    Dare I say they don't actually eat haggis in Morningside...
    They do in Comely Bank :-)

    We have a group Burns supper every year and share the cooking over the group so the Scouts do the Haggis Neeps & Tatties

    Cubs make cranachan and this year have also made shortbread highlander biscuits to go with it

    Beavers make peppermint creams to go with coffee

    All units provide some entertainment. Parents invited to come along and enjoy. The Immortal memory by the Scouts is always very good, but the highlight is the way they slit the haggis with such relish in Ode to a Haggis!

    The Cubs often choose simpler poems by J K Annand such as crocodile or Nessie, but if you want to stick to Burns they like "sic a wife as Willie had" and "to a mouse"
    Catriona Scrimgeour

    Cub Leader
    122 Craigalmond Scout Group (Comely Bank Edinburgh)
    ADC Cubs Craigalmond (how did that happen?)

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    Burns Supper programme

    Catriona got there first...

    To add to her post:

    The programme

    To a Haggis (with translation) We get a different Scout to do each verse and they do enjoy using a bushcraft knife (rustic labour dight) to "cut it up wi ready slight".

    We have an Immortal Memory based on some better known pieces Again one or two Scouts do each section (sometimes they sing it).

    And we finish with Auld Lang Syne (note the third word is sounded with an S not a Z) - which everyone should join in.

    We aim to cook up the full haggis neeps and tatties and invite all the parents to be fed and entertained.

    Puirists would argue that Highland dress is not relevant for a lowland poet - but traditions evolve and its more fun... (and we already have a tartan necker).

    Graham Scrimgeour
    ESL, ASL

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    We're Welsh so it passes completely unnoticed here.
    St Dwynwen's day on the other hand...

    I'm the one in the group with the most Scottish connections, my godparents and my ex-girlfriend are Scottish and I spent Hogmanay up there this year.
    ASL 1st Dinas Powys

    "If it ain't raining, it ain't Wales" - Bear Grylls

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    Burns is celebrated around the world, so why not Wales?

    This year, with Scouts, we started off with a couple of Scottish kids games and then we had a quick Q&A about who Robert Burns was. A Poet, a farmer, a customs oficer, a bity of a lad about town who liked the ladies and his drink etc. I then told the the story of Macpherson's fiddle, which lies in the Clan MacPhearson museum in Newtonmore. I then read the verses to Burn's version of Macpherson's Rant, and then we played a version by a famous folk duo...PRS Licence applied for...) we finished that part with an explanation of why he wrote an Address to a Haggis.

    They then played another couple of games, and jusr as we were about to close, haggis, neeps and tatties were served up, and haggis crisps as a novelty, to the sound of a BBC rendition of Address to a Haggis. All bar our solo vegetarian, and one new lad who wasn't sure, wolfed down the haggis and then went back for haggis chips.

    One of my Explorer Sectional Assistants was a vegetarian, until presented with a plate of haggis when on holiday in Scotland. The amazing dish turned him and he has been a carnivore since, and still loves haggis.

    Oh and Graham, I like the inclusion of Flower of Scotland, but wouldn't Parcel of Rogues be, more appropriate and more topical
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    Ewan Scott

    It seems that there are a lot of Nawyecka Comanch around....

    Nawyecka Comanch'": "Means roundabout--man says he's going one way, means to go t'other" Ethan Edwards - The Searchers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushfella View Post

    Oh and Graham, I like the inclusion of Flower of Scotland, but wouldn't Parcel of Rogues be, more appropriate and more topical

    Some might say that Burns could see into the future...

    The Scouts all know Flower of Scotland, because it is sung at rugby matches - they know it and enjoy singing it more than God save the Queen. So it's easy to get them to sing it quite well (it's not Burns however).


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    Any treasure hunt can be turned into a Haggis Hunt, possibly with an explanation of the natural history of the Haggis.

    Not directly relevant, but amusing, our Explorers had "Ready Steady Chinese Burns" -- standard Ready, Steady, Cook, with the additional requirement for Chinese Scottish fusion cuisine.
    Irn Bru was employed creatively by several groups.

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