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Thread: Special Needs Scouting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biscit View Post
    One thing that's just popped into my head (echoing Matt's comments) is that everyone is different, we all have our special needs. Sadly it seems many seem to have a very narrow definition of what constitutes "normal"- not accusing anyone, just stating my experience.

    In my Explorer Unit we counted at the last census 5 out of 22 members had conditions that could be termed a disability or a long term illness, but I doubt any of the other leaders could name all five. Actually come to think of it I would have to sit down with a membership list.

    This is not to say that the others are ignorant of the needs of their fellow leaders and explorers, just that we are all treated as people with our own individual charactaristics. Many of the disabilities will go under the radar, yet we cope with each other on our own level.
    Thank's Biscit, that's a very useful and insightful post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biscit View Post
    Thank's Biscit, that's a very useful and insightful post.
    it makes sense to me...

    locally to me, the borough is reducing statements by 50%/year. (mo. it makes no sense.)

    if you look at areas of social deprivation, the kids might be school action or school action plus with about 3% statemented. Move 3 bus stops down the road to an area of middle class, well off types and there is almost nobody on school actions but in some areas, 20% statemented needs.

    So... are socially deprived children less likely to be autisitic? or do their needs slip under the radar becaue their families can't play the system, can't afford external consultants etc.

    i can point to very autistic kids being denied adequate support by an iniquitous system. I can also point to kids who do not get support because their parents cannot accept that their child has special needs. (A process that is often described as being like a bereavement. You grieve for the son you will never have before you can move on with loving and supporting the son that you have.)

    Scouting attracts the autistic. It appeals with its structure and routine. So we are likely to see both the recognised and the undiagnosed needs and possibly to have a higher than average number among our membership. How we recognise it, deal with it, support and help varies greatly. I am about to get 4 kids into my troop. 3 have statements for autism and 1 really should have one. at school, they get 2 LSAs between 4. At scouts? they will be thrown into a mix with 47 other kids... how will they cope... who knows? I'll do my best but it will be difficult for them. very difficult.
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