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Thread: Appointment Review Process

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    Appointment Review Process

    Hi Wayne

    Do you have any feedback on how the Appointment Review Process is working.

    I have mixed feelings on the process, whilst its intentions are good I know a lot of leaders that don't want the fuss or bother of it all, and have simply requested a basic sign off by the line manager, i support their opinion, then other leaders I wonder what happens with the ones that need the support or just need to change, where 5 years is a long time.

    I can predict what your probably going to say but perhaps part of the bigger picture of adults in scouting which still needs an awful amount of work, we need the right managers(*) in the right roles and to support and for those people to enthuse section leaders, i think tools like this perhaps just scratch the surface.

    * That said Id much rather see members having a good support network of other adults around them of all types rather than the "line manager" as a single point of failure.


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    Hi Frazer,

    Yes, we have lots of feedback on the appointment review process, the general message is that we're getting better with them but that we still have a very long way to go before we can be confident we have it right.

    I believe the concept/process is fine and we have put a lot of effort into better supporting managers to undertake them effectively (additional support material as well as training courses). Depending on the individuals, reviews - which should be annual rather than five yearly - can be as informal as a chat over a cup of coffee and seen as very supportive. Clearly some can also be difficult, where a suitable environment is more appropriate but these are the exception rather than the rule I think.

    Whilst line maanagers are responsible for ensuring support is provided, I agree with you that it is much better that this support is provided by a wide group of people.

    Many thanks,
    Wayne Bulpitt

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