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Thread: ADC Cubs

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    ADC Cubs

    Hi all you knowledgable people out there!

    I have been asked to take on the role of ADC Cubs for our district. We haven't had one since I started as a Cub leader, although there was an ADC Beavers when I was a Beaver leader.

    What I would like to know is what the time commitment would be if I took it on. As far as I can ascertain it can be as much or as little as you make it. However I don't think I would be happy unless I did it porperly and I do not have anyone I can hand my Cub pack over too at the moment.

    Catriona Scrimgeour

    Cub Leader
    122 Craigalmond Scout Group (Comely Bank Edinburgh)
    ADC Cubs Craigalmond (how did that happen?)

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    I wish you all the luck if you take it on. I've just finished as ADC beavers as I found I couldn't manage that & my colony & a job, my family & my terminally I'll mum. Her passing was what made me re-assess & now I am but a humble BSL again. Before i took over we hadn't had an ADC beavers fir a while and it was hard work to get it going - but we did & had a successful pirate day but my advice (following this ramble) would be to only do what you can & if you do take it on be clear what you can & can't do & be a co'ordinator not a lone agent! Good luck!!!
    Rachel - BSL 1st Heath Hayes

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