Hi Folks

Just a gentle reminder that all posts must comply with the rules of the Escouts Community

Because of a rise in the number of these types of posts, In particular I would highlight the following things.

We do not permit discussion regarding sensitive issues of people or groups of people that are identifiable. If your going to rant about a subject, it must be generic enough not to be identifiable or alarm the moderators.

If a post gets reported and the issues arecomplicated, we will move it off board, so that the moderation team can consider how its dealt with. I make no apologies for being conservative (small c) on this.

If you have a specific people problem and its causing you a lot of concern Escouts is not the place to air it. Contact your GSL, DC or someone else. Ultimately HQ can advise.

50% of our traffic is google, and we get 1000+ real visits from people every day. Everything you post on Escouts appears high on the google rankings, please remember this when posting.