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    Safety Activity Badge - Water Safety

    We are a land locked group & possibly as far from the sea as you can get. Our nearest river of any significance is 30mins drive away & I have looked but not found a decent lake or stream to take BS to.

    ...So I need some ideas how to do the water safety element of the safety badge. I did think about hiring the local pool for a session but we have recently had the district swimming gala.

    What do you do?

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    Have a look at for ideas. I've not used it yet but it looks good.

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    Safety Activity Badge

    To gain this badge, Beaver Scouts must complete the following:

    Explain the Green Cross code.

    Explain the water safety code.

    Say what to do when approached by a stranger

    Identify possible dangers around the house and say what to do about them.
    No where in there does it say you have to be near water or visit any water place in order to gain the badge. Yes this might make it more interesting and relevant but all they have to do is learn about the water safety code

    Peter Andrews AESL of Headingley Pirates ESU, Group Sectional Assistant & Webmaster of Falkoner Scout Group

    Bookings Secretary - Wike, North Leeds District Campsite -
    Please note all views expressed are my own and not those of any organisation I'm associated with

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    Not sure where you are located, but what about canals?
    Richard Fenton
    CSL 1st Hartburn Sea Scouts (Graham Mellanby's Own)

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    We've done this as a model boat making evening. We made simple boats out of foil containers with straws as masts and sails slipped over or in a couple of week we plan to make our own jubilee flotilla of paper boats. The we sail them - either in a paddling pool or a large container. (I need to check our local water restrictions). Then I get the beavers into lodges to make a list of ideas for staying safe near water... then we compare them to the water safety code to see which are best.

    We've done this twice and not yet come up with the 'go with someone else' idea which gets the discussion going.

    No river, pond, sea or canal needed.

    Good luck, Liz.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    Think about if any of them will be going on holiday, especially in the UK, to the seaside. So many visitors to Cornwall get into trouble because they don't know about flags, tides etc. My Scout son spends most of his surf time in the summer herding "emmits" back in to the shallows and away from the rips... (grrrrrr!)

    The RNLI and H.M.Coastguard have some awesome resources for kids and you can join their young lifesaver club - my old beaver group did and our nearest water was the Thames and the Kennet canal!!

    2 kids, 1 house, non-scouty husband, BSL, ACSL, and 1 full time job!! If I can do it why can't everybody else?!?

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    we did a district safety day with bases
    water code
    green cross code
    st John amb. did first aid
    spot hazards on a campsite set up
    home safety medicines and detergents
    two knots and examples of when to use them

    canals are good too - check google British Canoe Union for your nearest club.

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    Local life guards at the pool may be happy to do a session?? Can't do them any harm to have more yp aware!

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