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Thread: Scout Group AGM

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    Scout Group AGM

    I have had a quick look on POR, but can't put my finger on this. How much notice is supposed to be given of a group AGM to those entitled to attend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavebat View Post
    I have had a quick look on POR, but can't put my finger on this. How much notice is supposed to be given of a group AGM to those entitled to attend?
    it depends on what it says in your governing document. many scout groups have the royal charter of the SA as their governing document which effectively enacts POR as the rules to follow. POR cannot define a specific notice period because it cannot assume that everyone has the same governing document.

    one body that is best able to give advice about you calling an AGM is the charity commission; thus their advice is what you should follow if there's no fixed period given in the governing document and, iirc, they say you must give 'reasonable' notice. but what is 'reasonable' i hear you say!!!?

    (where i am right now i don't have access to look up so please check because my memory is not that good at the moment!)

    notice of AGMs should go out to all those entitled to attend. notice period must be 'reasonable'. for most small charities 'reasonable' is generally accepted as 21 days, that is 21 days before the AGM all those entitled to attend should have notice of the AGM. in these days of e-mail this effectively means you need to send out the e-mail 21 days beforehand. however, one should not assume that everyone has e-mail or access to it so you should assume that you may have to resort to the (snail) mail and when you do this to ensure you meet the 21 days advice you should send out the notice 20 (i'm guessing that number a bit!) working days beforehand or 4 weeks.

    if you want a rule of thumb to work to: call it a month!

    what should be in this notice? (you haven't asked this question, but i'll assume you will!)

    iirc the notice should contain: date, time and place (obviously!); principal agenda items; invites to stand for election/nomination, especially regarding election of officers; and, invite to propose resolutions (if applicable).

    you probably wont have a complete agenda to give in the notice because of course there may be proposed resolutions to come in from giving out the notice.

    it terms of who is 'entitled', i.e. where do you send it to? generally parents/guardians of members, leaders, GEC members, sponsoring authority, &c. you must send notice to your district; this will be satisfied by sending this to the DC and the District Chairman. (in most districts this normally goes via the DS to see that it's recorded in the district diary or to rearrange if there's a clash or such like.)

    so if your AGM is the 17th august you might like to think of getting the e-mails and letters out in the post PDQ!


    cordially yours, TM
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