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Thread: Personal Blogs/Website (Scouting or Non Scouting)

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    Personal Blogs/Website (Scouting or Non Scouting)

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to put up a post to tell you about a new website/blog that I have launched in the last couple of months. Its a personal blog, but it has a lot of elements of scouting related issues/stories amongs other personal posts.

    If you would like to take a look, check out - you can even tweet me or facebook me to follow my blog. It is RSS friendly too! I have also started guest blogging for fellow scouting blogs too, so if you would like me to write for you - let me know! :-)

    Does anyone else have a blog similar to mine? Why not post it up!?

    Kris McCabe
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    Air Rifle Instructor
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    I do have a blog (Which is for a personal project) which me and my friend made (Sam) -

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Daniel Nixon
    Maverick Explorer Scout

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    Ive had a blog since 2009 and its been self hosted for about a year. Im not a serious blogger but for me its nice to have somewhere where I can write more than 140 characters when I have something to say.

    Check out my blog at and you can follow my blog on twitter or like it on facebook.
    Keith "Hawkeye"
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